Clara, her Fight

Live every day as if it was the last. The philosophy of life of Clara seems well appropriate to her story.

July 9th, 2015, Clara, 19-year-old girl, learned she was suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system: the immune system is attacked. Lymph nodes appear all over the body and begin to get solid.

This disease is relatively rare, approximately 1700 cases worldwide per year. This lymph cancer usually affects people between 15 and 40 years old and some older than 55 years old.

That day, the surgeon physician called and coldly told her that there was an anomaly at the level of examinations of a sample of lymph node.

A few days later, after multiple examinations, she learned that she was stage 3B on 4.

"I am their only child, so it was very difficult for my parents. "But they looked at me with a smile, ready to fight against life surprises, so we supported each other," she says.

 Clara Drouet, Nantes, France.

Clara Drouet, Nantes, France.

At this stage, there is an 80% chance of survival, but the patient must go through 6 months of chemotherapy with 16 injections.

A cumbersome process to endure. "There are days where I feel like a rag; I sleep in the day and just a few hours the night".

"When I lost my hair because of chemotherapy, I chose not to cover my head with a wig or a scarf. I assume my illness, even if the looks of the passers-by are sometimes difficult to bear. Sometimes there is a look of pity, stern looks often, but also the investigative look in the eyes of children.

What is difficult to live with is the way in which men look at me. Before I felt desirable. Now I have the impression of being a pitiful child. Some people are afraid to approach me, as if I had the plague...

But what is encouraging is the people who support you and give you a sincere smile that warms the heart."

Clara has finished her first year of the University of Histories of Art and Archaeology. "I chose to continue the home courses in order to maintain my activity in the world. I did not want to lose a year doing nothing."

In front of me a cheerful and enthusiastic young woman. "I won't self-pity myself for my fate, I am a smiling and positive person, I won’t let this disease take all of me." A beautiful lesson in life!

In addition to these treatments and courses, Clara follows the supervised conduct with her parents. "It helped to feel normal... I also started sport: fitness and soon swimming. I pay attention to myself, to what I eat also. This would give me self-confidence, to think about something else and regain control, to make projects..."

When I’ve asked if there was a man in her life, she answered me; "at the beginning I had a boyfriend.. But he had pity on me... I felt it in his eyes. One day I heard that he won’t dare touching me again in our intimate relationships because I had lost my hair. I lost a lot of people, but at least it allowed me to find the good ones."

Cancer is the disease of the 21st century; who does not know someone who has suffered from this affliction?

My grandfather left us this year following a battle with stomach cancer and my mother has had skin cancer, which fortunately was healed quickly.

Life is precious, so enjoy every moment and tell your loved ones that you love them, because no one knows when they will leave.