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 Road trip escapes with a young and talented creative team to shoot your products in amazing location around Australia. Prices start from $60 per item. What are you waiting for? 




It all started when...

Alba was dreaming of travelling around the world. But how frustrating it was to see beautiful places without being able to shoot her favourite thing; fashion photography?

She always loved local boutiques and young designers with creative pieces, but often, when she talked to them and offered her services, they would tell her “You've got a great portfolio, we would love to hire you but we don’t have the budget for a professional fashion shoot.” So what was the solution? She wanted to help and will never give up on her art, but she couldn't survive on $200 for 10-hours work.

So she came up with a briliant new concept, where brands can pay even less than $200 for a professional fashion photo-shoot, with professional models, a stylist and a makeup-artist in amazing locations!

How is it possible? With fashion road trips photography! A young and talented team, being fairly paid to travel and take pictures! Don’t be jealous, your job is probably awesome too!

The brands, designers and labels pay $60 to $160 per items, or $320 for a full outfit.

Fees paid cover travel and modelling agency costs, with remaining revenue dispersed among the team.

Albalone heard so many times shop owners telling her that people were not spending money this year, but if first, you don’t pay people for their job, how can they spend money on a local boutique?

So help everyone to get pay for what they love doing. And yes, taking pictures, modelling, putting pieces together, doing hair and makeup are not only a hobby, but also a job, with skills.

After the photo-shoot, Alba will submit the images to local and international magazines, to maximise everyone’s exposure and create a larger impact on the fashion world. There are no additional charges for submissions, however, you will need to be patient and wait to see if your images are published. It probably won’t be Vogue (please Vogue team answer my 10 534 emails!), but a nice middle range like Creem Magazine, Bon mag, Bricks mag, Catalogue Mag, Chasseur Mag (...)

So what do you say? Paying less than $200, for professional images following your own mood board and guidelines?



Low cost investment, one item from $60 to $160 or $320 for a full outfit.

Professional styling using the designer and brand items.

Professional agency models

Professional makeup artist.

Professional Fashion Photographer

5 edited images per item.

• 3 minute behind the scenes video with the key moments from the road trip.

Choice between DSLR images, 35mm film and/or Polaroid images.

You keep control and provide your own mood board and guidelines (please do not ask for a unicorn, they are hard to catch and leave white hair on the outfits!)

You submit your model type and we will cast on the average of everyone’s answers. (Please do not ask for George Clooney, he is too busy stirring his coffee.)

• Exposure in an international magazine (example: Creem, Bon mag, Bricks mag, Schon, Stark, Dapper Tapper, etc...).

• Sustainable and fair wages to pay the creative team and support the fashion industry.

More exposure: Team and other designers will have the obligation to credit everyone in social media.

Being a part of an exciting project.

Choose between 3 different destinations.



What to do?

•Spend few hours to create a mood board, 20 lines guidelines and 30 to 40 words to explain the look you want for your products.

Check our Instagram story while we are travelling!

• You will be required to credit the team and other designers on all the online platforms or press used to spread the word and share the talent.

Be patient and wait the magazine publication to get and publish the images (magazines ask for exclusivity).

So, what are you waiting for?


If you are a:

  • Accessory brand (bag, hat, jewellery, glasses, etc...)
  • Shoes brand
  • Student designer wanting to promote their creations
  • Women and men clothing brand
  • Men or women lingerie brand
  • Sports brand
  • Travel products brand
  • Surf brand


Next photoshoot will take place in the beautiful state of Victoria, on the 28th and 29th October 2017, So if you are from Australia or from overseas;


Book your Road Trip now for Spring/Summer 2017 at!

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