Who is Albalone?

This is me! I’m not one to show my face on here more than necessary but I thought I would share with you my story. Who I am and how I ended up here in London.

Portrait done in March 2022, taken by my other half Daniel.

My name is Albalone Le Goff, (call me Alba). I am 26, born in France on the West Coast. I am the last one of 5 step-siblings. I started photography when I was 15 years old, back then it was a trend for girls my age to grab a camera and photograph everything and anything! Most of them stopped but I carried on! I would say it was my first and only hobby. I started photographing landscapes but got quickly bored. I wanted human interaction so I moved into photographing girls in my neighbourhood. I use to stalk Facebook to find girls my age who would be my model (I could be considered a creep if I were a man 😆 😅).

At 18, I started studying for a real estate diploma and photography slowly became a side job for me. Girls would contact me to be photographed. I loved the creativity and human contact, I would scout my area and photograph in various locations on sunrise or sunset, on the beach or in nearby forests.

Photos of two female surfers in Les Sables D'Olonne, France

Photos of two surfers in my town, back in 2018.

That’s when I started to consider this as a full-time job. I then graduated and started working as a realtor in an agency. It was a lot of hustling, especially in the first months. I didn’t get along with the direction and was bored in my job after a few weeks. I didn’t think it was right for me.

So I decided to leave France at 20 years old to move to Australia for a gap year. My dad was worried. “you have just graduated, you have a nice flat, you’re settled, why move now?”. Sorry Dad but it just doesn’t feel right, I am not ready to settle, I have so much to learn and explore.

So I left. I didn’t speak English back then. I saved as much as I could, sold my car and other things that will help finance my trip. Worked every hour I could leading up to my leaving date, even sublet my flat on Airbnb, to only get caught. 🙈

Once there, I worked on a few farms to collect 6 months of work which granted me the right to extend my visa for an extra year. During this period I learnt to speak basic English which would help me with my future plan to move to the city to work as a photographer. This was wild. I went to an extremely remote location, living amongst Australian cowboys, killed and ate snakes twice, flew in a tiny plane to locate cattle and even went to country-town parties with rodeo. I would have never experienced that if I didn’t need those days to extend my visa.

Australian cows, Sutherland Farm, Queensland, in 2016.

Once this was done, I settled in Melbourne, travelling the city on my longboard with a camera in my backpack. During this time I would take any photography job that would help pay my bills, but back then I mostly love shooting fashion. I collaborated with a lot of models and artists and got my work published in magazines which built my self-confidence. When things started to look bright for my business, my visa was up and I had to leave. This was a really difficult time as I loved Australia, there is this positive energy, this youth and hope that I didn’t feel in France. I made some very strong friendships like I never did before (@iax_yes and @niramoon I miss you guys). I loved my lifestyle there. But my time was up…

I had to return home, it was a gloomy November in Brittany. I remember it was raining when I arrived. Living back with my father really depressed me. I felt like I lost my wings. So I quickly planned to leave for another country. I hesitated between Berlin and London. With Berlin, I would have had to learn another language, which would have taken me a good 6 months. With not many savings this was unrealistic. I decided to go to London instead. I managed to get a job interview for an e-commerce fashion brand, I might as well try my luck.

I arrive there and it was also raining. I felt like Paddington, a bit lost in this big city. It was much bigger than Melbourne, less welcoming, people walked fast and looked down.

I went to the interview and didn’t get the job… I didn’t have enough experience. “That’s fine I will find something else”. I got hired somewhere else in e-commerce, photographing shoes. It was extremely boring and was paid £8/hour. Not enough to live in this city! It didn’t last very long. I moved on to a series of different small jobs, going from Google Maps to a cheese shop and back to real estate. 

My most recent job helped me settle and save to buy my own property. I felt stable and encouraged in this job, I loved the team and the managers. It enabled me to pay my bills and free some time to do my own things on the side. I explored fashion photography a bit more, my work was published by Vogue Italia and Schön magazines. But I quickly realised that I would need a lot more talent and determination to make a living in that industry. I would have to work for exposure (=for free) in order to get known. With fast fashion, I will have to produce a lot of images that didn’t mean much and would be forgotten in the next season.

Sunday Shopping Spree, published by Vogue Italia, by Albalone

Sunday Shopping Spree, published by Vogue Italia, in 2018.

Although creative, this felt a bit hollow for me. On the side, I started to do pet photography. I would offer mini-sessions in pet stores around Greater London. After a few stores, I started to get fully booked and make money. This had a lot more meaning to me than fashion; people were so in love with their photos of their pets, it was truly making them happy.

It made me realise that I wanted to produce photos that truly meant something to someone. That they would cherish those images for the rest of their life. That’s when I started to photograph families. And I am glad I did. I am very patient with pets and children, I can make those little ones smile and cheer which in term makes my work candid and happy, like a childhood memory.

Single-parenting, a mother with her two children, family portrait.

Family photos in my home studio, 2022.

Although I am still at the beginning of my journey, it feels right and I am ready for the near future.

This year, my goal is to expand my portfolio, share my experience and how I feel on my blog and on my socials. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Albalone, Family & Pet Photographer.


If you’re after a candid, relaxed and intimate photography experience, you’ve come to the right place. 
My work focus on emotions, no stiff poses and forced smile; only gentle love and embraces. I offer a very hands-on experience, connecting over a video consultation with each family beforehand ; we explore their stories of love, loss and wins and turn it into a beautiful, meaningful session. Each family and session are unique and crafted with patience, love and understanding. 

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