What to expect from your family photoshoot?

You have been looking at my work and feel like I’m the right fit? That’s amazing! I am super excited to have my art be part of your life! Now if you are wondering what to expect from your session, this blog will help you understand.

How to book?

Now you are wondering how to book? Well first, you can either send me an email introducing yourself or if you are a busy bee, you can directly book on my booking page.

I will ask some questions about your family members, ages and dynamics. You will be able to choose if you wish to shoot indoors or outdoor. If you decide to shoot outdoor, I offer 3 seasonal locations; Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath The Pergola or Trent Park.

We will decide if you wish to have your photos done indoors, as well as what time we will meet although typically if choosing indoors we will be doing the photos around midday to get the most natural light. If you choose outdoor photos, you will have to get up early as the sun doesn’t wait for us! I shoot around 7-8 am, it is early but it will be worth it, plus you get to have the whole day in front of you for a fun family day out after!

If waking up that early don’t work out for your family, you can opt for the evening session around 6-7 pm, the light will be more golden at the end of the day.

To reserve the session, you will have to pay a £199 deposit. You can either reserve through the booking page or by bank transfer if you have contacted me via email. This deposit is non-refundable if cancelled within 13 days before the shoot date. If it needs to be rescheduled, it will have to be within the same year.

Once this is done, I will send you a contract and a model release to sign. The model release is not mandatory if you don’t wish to see your photos on my portfolio. You will be directed to a few blog posts on what to wear and how to get ready before your session and I will be just an email or text away if you need some help choosing your outfits before the session.

During the session

We will meet at a pinpoint given with the fantastic app What3Words. If you don’t know this app, it allows you to identify any location within a 3 meters range. This is great as it will save us a lot of time. I ask you to come on time so we don’t miss out on the beautiful light; That is 15 minutes before the start of the session, so I have enough time to run you through what we will do. 

During the session, we will walk around the location and I will suggest different poses, we will have fun and play some games. You can expect to see a wide range of photos from wide angles to tight shots, from laughing to moody photos and from posed to lifestyle photos. I have a shot list in my head that I will go through; family together, mum+child(ren), dad+child(ren), siblings, mum+dad etc… I am always open to suggestions if you have any ideas in mind. 

We will have time to take breaks if your child needs a snack or you need to breastfeed your baby. 

At the end of the session, I will check we captured all the shots and explain to you what you can expect from me in the next few days. I will show you some prints and album samples so you can experience my products in your hands before purchasing them. Your little one will be treated with a sweet or chocolate for the hard work!

Family of three, mother father and child, sitting on a step in front of Kenwood House.

After the session

I will get home and import the photos into Lightroom. I will run through the whole session and pick the best photos. To give you an idea, a family session of 4 usually comes up to 280-300 photos in total. I will cull them down and deliver between 40 to 50 photos of the most beautiful portraits.

I sometimes deliver some of the galleries in black and white if I think it’s suitable for the photo. If you have a colour photo from your gallery that you love and wish to have it in black and white, let me know I can make this happen for you at no extra cost.

You can expect the gallery to be delivered within 5 to 14 working days, depending on how busy I am. You will receive your photos in a private gallery, where you can view, purchase and download your photos.

Albums and prints come from a professional lab and it will take up to 3 weeks from the order date to be delivered.

If you chose an album, I will design it for you and send you the prototype where you will be able to make some corrections, should you wish. 

Once your products are delivered, I will kindly ask you to leave me a nice review on my Google page. This will help me to get more families to see my work. 

If you have signed the model release, your photos will be displayed on my website and social media. I also sometimes create blog posts to talk about your session. You are welcome to share with your friends and family. I will kindly ask you to credit/tag me on your photos so this helps me generate more publicity for my work. I will also tag you on your photos if you wish to be tagged.

I am so thrilled about being your photographer. Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any more questions! I will be happy to help.


If you’re after a candid, relaxed and intimate photography experience, you’ve come to the right place. 
My work focus on emotions, no stiff poses and forced smile; only gentle love and embraces. I offer a very hands-on experience, connecting over a video consultation with each family beforehand ; we explore their stories of love, loss and wins and turn it into a beautiful, meaningful session. Each family and session are unique and crafted with patience, love and understanding. 

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