What to wear for your Autumn Family Session

Autumn is here!

We’ve changed season on Friday 23rd of September, time flies! I love this season’s muted colours as it allows so much freedom in outfit styling.

So if you have booked a session with me and you are wondering what to wear for your family session, you have come to the right post (or I have directed you correctly)!

I have listed a few tips below to help you dress tastefully, but also stay authentic to yourself. There will be only 1 outfit for the whole session so let’s get it right!

Couple from the back looking at the ocean

  1. Pick Mum/Girls outfit first

I am not being sexist here! It’s much easier to start picking a girl outfit first as:

1) we have a lot more choices in terms of cut, colours and patterns which makes it easier to base everyone’s outfit on

2) we are pickier

Men can wear a simple pair of jeans or chinos, with a T-shirt and an open overshirt on top. Make sure your partner had a shave the day before.

A clean pair of trainers can do the job if they are smart or some leather shoes will also look great.

2. A fancier version of yourself

Although you wish to look good in the session and you might be looking for something different, it’s important that you feel yourself. It’s not the right time to try a too-crazy fashion outfit. If you don’t feel comfortable with your look it will show during the session and you won’t like the photos. Instead, I recommend choosing an outfit a little more dressed up than your usual look.

3. Coordinate but no matching outfits

Gone is the time when all the family was wearing matching outfits!

First, think of the location. Will we shoot in the park, in a field or at the beach? The best is to choose muted tones that coordinate with the location. In fall, we like warm tones that will also go with the red and yellow leaves colours.

Try to avoid bright colours green or pink but more pastel colours such as sage, blush pink, etc… Keep the patterns to a minimum, so it’s less distracting in the photos. We want to create these timeless family photos that you will be able to look at 10 years down the line without cringing!

Woman wearing a long orange skirt with patterns

Woman wearing a long orange skirt and white knitted jumper

4. Bet on natural material

Natural fabrics, such as wool, cotton, silk, leather and cashmere are great to keep warm but they will last longer and the material will look better in photos.

If you know me well, you must know that I am a Sezane lover. I discovered this French brand about 2 years ago and completely fell in love. It was the perfect description of my French identity. I found my style. It was more expensive than any of my previous clothes purchases but each item I have purchased is a much higher quality and lasts me a lot longer. I love Sezane knitwear and they would be perfect to wear with a long skirt with high boots, like in these photos.

Sezane Prune Jumper £95 + Tammie Skirt £115

5. Style your hair

Don’t forget to book everyone’s hairdressing appointment before your session. Boys and girls! For girls or even boys with long hair; curly and wavy hair always looks great in photos so plan enough time to prepare your hair before the session.

Mother with posing with her teenage daughter and her 3 years old toddler in front of a cream photo backdrop

6. Pay attention to details

The day before, make sure to iron your clothes. And mums, don’t take all the workload, ask your partner and the kids to join in the preparation. Make it something fun that you are doing together. If you have an item that is prone to creases, transport it on a hanger and put it on when you get to the shoot location.

If you have a furry pet, make sure your clothes are been brushed, etc…

7. Elevate your outfit with accessories

This is the Harper Necklace £65 + Aya Necklace £95

This is especially for mums and little girls: go crazy and accessorize your and your child’s look with jewellery, a bow or hats.

I like the overlay of necklaces in this photo from Sezane’s website.

Hats are also great and can be worn with a long dress, skirt and high boots. We can use it for a part of the shoot and take it off for the other part.

If you have a pretty knitted blanket, bring it to the session, we will use it for sitting poses.

8. Be comfortable

It’s important to be comfortable and warm during your session, so don’t forget to bring a jacket and comfy shoes.

I love high suede boots for women with either a short or long dress, it really transforms your style into a “fall” look. Now make sure you’ve worn them before as it will be a shame that the session has to be cut short because of blisters.

As we will be shooting outdoors, please bring a pair of trainers or wellies just in case we need to walk through soft ground or mud.

You will be able to change your shoes and take your jacket off once we get to the photo location.

9. Don’t wait until the last minute

Make sure you have planned enough time before your family session to try your outfits and ensure they worked alongside each other.

Now that you have been through these basic tips, I hope you have a clearer idea of what to wear. I have made a Pinterest board to help you with more examples. I am always here if you need any help with picking items before your session, you can contact me via email or What’s App.


If you’re after a candid, relaxed and intimate photography experience, you’ve come to the right place. 
My work focus on emotions, no stiff poses and forced smile; only gentle love and embraces. I offer a very hands-on experience, connecting over a video consultation with each family beforehand ; we explore their stories of love, loss and wins and turn it into a beautiful, meaningful session. Each family and session are unique and crafted with patience, love and understanding. 

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