Motherhood Autumn Family Photos in Kenwood House

It’s Autumn! The first leaves of the season have turned shade from green to yellow. We enjoy slowing down and embracing chilled home yoga and warm cups of tea.

This October, I met with Rochelle from Good Space Mama for a motherhood fall family session in Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath.

Rochelle is a Mum blogger based in East London. She shares and reviews on her Instagram and her website, family-friendly activities to do in London. You can see her work on her website here or follow her on Instagram.

We did this family session at the end of the day when it was overcast, which creates a smooth and creamy look. I chose to shoot in the clear area in front of the Kenwood House, clear of any shade, to enjoy the last few hours of light.

Her son, Ace, is 3 years old and is a cheeky little boy who loves running and jumping, so we played fun games to establish our first connection. Once Ace and I became best friends, we calmed down and did some bug searching with his Mama in this gorgeous red-leaf tree. I picked a branch with leaves and used it on the corner of my camera to create this dreamy journalistic look; Like I wasn’t there and I was just peaking into their life.

I focused on showing this special bond between Rochelle and Ace.

Mother and son looking for bugs on a tree with red leaves

Once my shots around the tree were done, I took my nice cream blanket out and laid it nicely on the grass… but suddenly… zoooooooooom! An excited and muddy cocker spaniel ran through the blanket! Dear! That’s lucky I have got Photoshop!

We did some laid-down poses, where I asked Ace to look inside my lens and tell me what ray of colour he could see. Red, blue, and yellow!

We finished the session with a creamy photo in front of the house where I tried to explain this game I used to play when I was little “1, 2, 3 Soleil”, and I then realised later on that it’s simply translated to “Green Light – Red Light.” which I already knew because of watching Squid Games on Netflix.

To close the session and congratulate little ones and adults, I give out a sweet candy hidden in my backpack. Yum!

I hope you loved these photos as much as I did. Don’t forget to check out Rochelle’s website for some fun family activities in London and if you have some questions or want to book a fall family photoshoot. Send me an email following the link below.


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