Sharing parenting tips with Lea and Hery

In October, I met Hery and Lea during their newborn family session. We had a relaxed time, and I asked them to share with me their parenting knowledge. As focused on young families, I thought it will be a great idea to share this with you, so I started recording these tips to share them with my community.

As I think both mother’s and father’s side of the story is truly interesting, I have shared with you both narrative below. I hope you enjoy it and you find it useful.

Mother, sitting on the family bed, hugging her 2 years old son

What is your best advice for first-time mums, how do you prepare for the birth physically and mentally?⁠

Lea: Take the help when it’s offered! I didn’t even realize I wasn’t accepting help but in hindsight, there is a lot I could’ve done to make my life easier. Offers like “let me load the dishwasher” or “I’ll hold the baby, go have a moment to yourself” make the world of a difference! ⁠ Knowledge is power, find out everything you can about birth so you can go in knowing your preferences and understanding any change in the original plan.

Was the second birth different from the first one? How so?⁠

Lea: My first and second birth were similar on the surface (both water births, both without any form of painkillers and both in the same position) but in the entirety of the experience they were very different. The care of the midwife for my second birth was far superior! I felt so supported and heard, it was incredible! My husband and I were also so much more knowledgeable the second time around!⁠

Describe your births in 3 words.⁠

Lea: Birth 1: Long, incredible, surprising. ⁠Birth 2: Quick, Powerful, Supported.

The first birth took over 24 hours, was in the middle of a pandemic so we had to navigate a lot of unknowns like whether or not my husband would be able to even be there (thankfully he was in the end!) and I was taken aback at how my body just knew what to do!⁠ The second birth took 5 hours in total! I knew exactly what I wanted and what signs to look out for so I felt very much in control. On top of that, the care we received was incredible!” ⁠

What are your best tips for first-time dads?

Hery: Lean into it and remember that the first 5 years are critical for building a bond with a child.

How to support your partner during birth?

Hery: Be there, feed her, keep idiots and other stressors away. Most of all; be there. This is a magical time and your support is key.

If there is one thing you would like to change/do better what would it be?

Hery: I won’t offer her a chicken sandwich during a contraction (food is usually a 90% probability of being a good solution).

Describe your morning routine with Rio and why it is important to you.

Hery: I have a rigorous morning routine (I coach high-performance habits) that includes exercise, planning the day, and stimulating the brain. My 2-year-old son joins in the exercise, and play during planning time and then we cuddle and talk through the day together. He loves it and gives us a great time to bond.

Give me 3 values you would like to pass on to your children. Why?

Hery: 1. Stand up for yourself – Because the world needs people who do.

2. Empathy is the superpower of the 21st century – because it is.

3. The nice guy may not always finish first but he will finish best.

I hope you found their experience interesting and insightful. As everyone is different, I would love to hear your story and parenting tips, you can share them with me by commenting on the box below or by sending me an email.


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