Essential items you should bring for an amazing family photoshoot

You have booked your family session with me and are now wondering what to bring. I have made this short blog post to help you prepare.

Well, first of all, my style is focused on people. I try to avoid any distractions that can take the eye away from the special connection you have with your family, so you won’t see smoke grenades or anything of this kind. But there are a few important things to take with you to be ready.

1. A Blanket

I love having sittings poses, but the floor is not always clean or dry so best to prepare yourself with a neutral blanket that can be set under your bottoms or used in winter to wrap your family into. I have a picnic cover that is waterproof but that can be a little basic and it’s best to get your own that goes with your outfit.

In this photo, my client brought a yellow African wax fabric that was perfect with their outfit and the location.

2. Snack/water

If you have a toddler or child under 10 years old, they sometimes often need a 5-minute break during the session to recharge their batteries with their favourite snack and some water. I usually prepare a surprise treat at the end of the session to motivate your kids and treat them after their good effort, but this won’t replace the snack.

In this photo, baby Maye was enjoying some rice crackers, which was a great opportunity for me to photograph.

Detailed photo of a little girl boots

3. Wellies and jackets

It’s important to be comfortable during your session. We often have to walk to the location, so make sure you bring your jacket to stay warm and your wellies or a change of shoes if we have to walk through muddy grounds. It will be a shame to have your pretty shoes covered with mud before the session starts.

4. Your dog

Your dog is a part of the family and it would be a shame not to include him/her in the annual family photos. If your dog has high energy, make sure you walk him/her before the session and don’t feed him too much as we would be using treats to make him pose for the photos. I used to do pet photography so I am very comfortable in this area. If your dog is too agitated we can get the photos with him done first and then tie him on a tree near us or move him into your car if it’s not too hot for the rest of the session. Make sure you’ve taken them to the groomer or given them a good brush before the session.

I hope this helped you to get ready for your session. Send me a message on the link below if you have any questions.


If you’re after a candid, relaxed and intimate photography experience, you’ve come to the right place. 
My work focus on emotions, no stiff poses and forced smile; only gentle love and embraces. I offer a very hands-on experience, connecting over a video consultation with each family beforehand ; we explore their stories of love, loss and wins and turn it into a beautiful, meaningful session. Each family and session are unique and crafted with patience, love and understanding. 

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