Professional wardrobe tips for a stunning spring family photoshoot

It’s February and next month on the 20th of March it will be spring. It’s about time for a new what to wear! So this time I will give you my professional wardrobe tips for a stunning spring family photoshoot. The Magnolia and Daffodils will be fully blooming in March and April. How exciting! I can’t wait to start shooting during my favourite season.

  • My Professional styling tips:

  1. Mums are first! We start by preparing mum’s outfit, as they will be the centre of attention. Pick a style of dress and colour that you like and that follows my guidelines below. Once this is done, it will be easier to select your children’s and partners’ outfits.

  2. A fancier version of yourself: No casual clothing. Those photographs will most likely be printed in an album or displayed on your wall, so make sure you like what you wear.

  3. Don’t Leave it to the last minute. Pre-organised looks mean less stress and more fun prior to the session. Feel free to send me photos of your looks prior to the session if you need some help.

  • Comfort is the Key

It is important to look great, but not at the cost of being uncomfortable. It’s simple: if you or your children are uncomfortable, there is a big chance it will show through in the photos. Instead, prioritise loose clothes and comfy shoes.

Comfortable clothes: Select items that you and your children will be happy to move and dance in. I like movement in my session and we always play games where the kids get to run, jump, dance and play.

Comfortable shoes: Opt for cute summer boots or sandals that your family will be comfortable in. Please avoid too casual shoes like sneakers and trainers and stay away from stiletto heels that will sink into the ground. Adults and kids can even be barefoot if the location is safe and clean. Make sure you have worn the shoes before the session or it could really hurt and be uncomfortable.

  • Stylish yes but not a Fashionista

Careful with the patterns: It’s important to look your best, but bet on timeless pieces that won’t look old-fashioned when you look at your photos 10 years down the line. So no logos or busy patterns that could look outdated and take away the attention from the subject. And please, I forbid any matching items, like the family all wearing jeans, white tea shirts and cowboy boots, these are outdated.

No tight pattern like pinstripes, small polka dots or thin checkered clothes or it will create a moire effect, where your clothes will look like it’s moving by themselves. There isn’t much that can be done in editing so make sure this tip is followed or you will be easily spotted in the family photos!

Pick a colour scheme: Pick a colour scheme that will go together but that isn’t a matching colour. I have made a few examples that you can check below. As my editing is quite warm, I much prefer rich warm tones like burnt orange, dusty yellow, brown, burgundy, beige, etc… Try to stay away from neon colours (why do those even exist?!), electric blues (and any blues) and cold tones as much as possible. And please, no black unless it’s kept to a minimum like shoes or small items. It’s spring, let’s choose fun and light colours!

It’s also worth mentioning that if you are planning to print and display your photograph on your walls, the colour you will wear should work with your home interior colours. That’s something to think about.

Natural Fabric: Bet on natural textiles like cotton, crochet, wool, leather, linen, etc… Stay away from silk and shiny fabrics, that could be too reflective and create some ‘extra weight’.

Long dresses and hats: If you want a happy me, you probably know by now that I looooove when mum and girls wear long dresses and a hat. Long dresses create beautiful movement and we can really get creative with them. Baby crochet hats are also super cute so make sure you bring some.

Hair: Make sure all hair appointments have been booked, ideally not the day before unless you prefer a clean haircut. I prefer my partner’s hair when it’s grown for a good week before taking pictures of him. For mums, I highly recommend having loose or partially loose wavy hair, this will really bring some texture and movement to the photos.

Clean and tidy: Make sure all clothes are clean and ironed prior to the session. If you think it would get creased in transport, bring it on a hanger and get changed on the location. Make sure your clothes are lint-free. Bring a change of clothes for the little ones, there is a high chance that they will vomit or fall on their clothes (both situations happened to me on the same shoot!).

Picnic Blanket: I love when families bring a picnic or knitted blankets for the session. Blankets are great to create pose variety and can be used to wrap yourself around, lay on and watch the clouds go by or play games. Make sure the blanket colour goes in line with your outfits.

No props needed: Apart from what has been mentioned above, no props are necessary, I only want to capture you and your family’s love and connection, no need for any distraction, unless it’s your toddler’s favourite teddy, and in that instance, it could be lovely to incorporate in a few photos.

Wardrobe inspiration, blue and beige colour palette

  • Pinterest Boards

To help you visualise, I create a Pinterest board on what to wear, click here to see it. And to avoid any mishaps, I also create a board on what to avoid, click here to view it.

I hope my professional wardrobe tips were useful and that you are now ready for a stunning spring family photoshoot. Send me an email below to lock in a date or if you have any questions.


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