My photographer’s advice for creating the best baking family photoshoot

Are you looking to add some personal flair to your family photos this year? A great way to do that is by incorporating a baking theme! Here is my photographer’s advice to help you create the most out of your baking family photoshoot.

Family of four baking in their kitchen

1. Safety first

Start by setting some ground rules. Make sure everyone knows what is and isn’t allowed during the shoot, and be sure to have a schedule in place so everyone knows when they need to be ready. I know this can be a lot to think about and can be distracting, but make sure the children aren’t left unattended near a hot oven or sharp items. Let’s not end up in the emergency room.

2. Get organized

Before we even start the session, make sure your kitchen is tidy and all unnecessary appliances, sauces and spice jars are put away so we have a clean background for our family photo session. Prepare your ingredients and kitchen tools before the session. Select your prettiest bowls and tools, for example, wooden, porcelain and metal items look better than plastic.

3. Maximise the Light

Light is so important for us photographers, so make sure all curtains or blinds are fully pulled open before the session and that there is sufficient natural light (not from a bulb). I made a whole article on finding out if your space is suitable for your indoor family session, you can check it out here.

4. Choose a simple baking recipe that your whole family can participate in

Get everyone involved – This is a great opportunity to get the whole family involved in the fun! Ask everyone to help with the baking. We will take short breaks where I will capture the process. Pick an easy recipe: this will help make the photo session more enjoyable for both your family and me, the photographer. Too complicated recipes will lead to overwhelm and stress.

5. No bribing, more fun

Avoid telling your kids to smile and be good. If you want your family to look like they are having the most fun of their lives, forcing them to smile or bribing them won’t help. Instead, lean into the activity and let them be themselves. Loosen your bone Wilma, it’s okay (and recommended) if we do a flour fight or if your baby has dough in between his toes. Everyone will be laughing and it will look more authentic than the “says cheese” or “smile and we will get MacDonalds after”.

6. No props or matching attire

I believe props or matching attire take away the attention of the subject being photographed and can quickly look out fashioned. Instead, focus on the connection you have with your children, laugh, hug, and smell your babies. That’s what it’s all about.

Do you want to see if this theme is for you? Check my Pinterest Baking Family Photoshoot board here for inspiration.

I hope these tips help you create memorable family photos during your baking photoshoot.

Above all, have fun! Enjoy being together and I hope to be able to capture your family’s unique connection very soon.

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