The Best Location For Maternity Photos In London

I. Introduction: Why booking a maternity photoshoot

Couple holding hands in front of a lake with ducks. The woman is pregnant, she is wearing a grey knitted dress and the man is wearing a burgundy long sleeve shirt. The sun is shining warm behind them.

A) Why Maternity Photos Matters?

You must be wondering why is it so important to book a maternity session. If this is your first child, think that these will be your last peaceful moments, still the two of you before the baby arrives and takes a lot of your attention. Cherish the last romantic dinners and full nights of sleep (for Mr at least as the baby must be kicking Mrs!). If this isn’t your first child, your other child(ren) must be excited to have another sibling so this is a great time to capture the family’s moments before the new baby to come. No matter how many children you have, a new birth is always a great time to celebrate with a session.

B) Why surprising your partner with a photoshoot isn’t a good idea

My lovely client wanted to book a pregnancy session to surprise his girlfriend before the baby’s birth. I found the attention so lovely as it’s usually mothers who push to get the family sessions booked. Although it’s an attentive and loving thought, as a woman I would always want to know before a photoshoot so I can mentally and physically get ready for it. I would want to have my nails, hair & makeup done and the best outfit for the occasion.

As a Family Photographer, I usually send welcome and styling guides that I need all adults to read before the session so you know what to do and what to expect, so it would have been hard to do if this was a surprise. Thankfully, once I started talking styling, my client decided to let his girlfriend know as he wasn’t sure what she would want to wear. 

II. Why the location is great

A) A beautiful lake in East London

Picking a location that works is super important as it plays a huge part in the quality of the photographs. Not all pretty locations are suitable for photography. It needs to have enough space for the photographer to move around the subjects, but also background variety, great sun orientation, etc… Each of my clients gets to pick their favourite location from my Location Guide. Each one of them has been pre-tested so they can envision what it would look like. In my location guide, you will find all the information necessary, like if there is a parking space, facilities, how long you will have to walk, what shoes to bring, etc…

This location is in East London and is great as there is a lake which is beautiful as it reflects the gorgeous light. Swans and birds popping in the background are also a great addition to the gorgeous scenery. As I like to shoot at golden hour, this location only works at sunrise as it’s east-facing so make sure this works for your schedule as sunrise can be super early if in summer. I like capturing my images on the pontoon the most so this works best for small families like 2 adults if the baby will be your first child, or a family of three if it’s your second. Just make sure to keep your child safe as there is water all around and I won’t always be near as I like to get variety in distance in between shots.

B) Easy to access

This location is great as it’s only a 20-30 minutes drive from Central London. You can also access by bus if you don’t have a car. If you do have a car, there is a pay-and-display parking space only 5 minutes walk away from the photo spot. Most of the year, you can bring a pram, but I wouldn’t recommend it in Autumn and winter as it can get pretty muddy.

C) Peacefulness

We shot this in Autumn at sunrise and we were almost the only ones there. This location is beautiful and you won’t be disturbed by lots of people walking in the background, so you can feel comfortable, be yourself and enjoy the moment with your family.

D) What season is it best to shoot there?

I would recommend this spot in Spring, Summer or Autumn. After mid-December up to mid-March, it becomes very muddy and the trees have lost their leaves.

III. Other locations that would be great for pregnancy photos in London, Kent and Essex

A) Tollesbury, Essex

If you are up for a drive, this is my favourite location in Essex. As a travel photographer, I love getting out of the city and discovering unique backdrops. This is based in an old marina, with an old boat house, mud and wilderness. This will make your maternity photos stand out from the crowd!

Mother with her two daughters running towards a big red boat in a marshland in Essex

B) Botany Bay, Kent

If you are after something moody and coastal, I love shooting in Botany Bay. This spot offers large open space with white cliffs, sand, dunes, seagrass and a quiet sea with not too many waves so we can get in the water. This location is about a 1h45 drive from London, but you can also take the train to Margate and then the circular bus. I highly recommend finding a cosy Airbnb and staying there for the weekend as there is so much to discover. I wrote more info on this location last year on this blog.

Father holding his baby boy on his feet on the Botany Bay Beach

C) Kenwood House, London

If you are looking for a classic London location, this spot is also great, although it can get quite busy if shot in the evening. Kenwood has a beautiful garden with lots of flowers that offer variety and colours to your photographs. You can read more about Kenwood in this blog post I wrote last year.

Family of 5 walking in kenwood park. The mother is rubbing her nose with the little girl she is holding. The older girl is laughing. The dad is holding the baby boy.

D) The Pergola Hampstead Heath, London

If you want a romantic place for your pregnancy photos, The Pergola is a great spot. It offers beautiful roman looking ruins with a touch of green and flowers. This spot being quite popular with photographers and tourists, it’s best to plan your session mid-week and off-tourist busy time.

Mother standing in the Pergola, she is holding her baby boy. Her husband in in the background, their 3 years old girl is running towards the photographer.

IV. Conclusion: Don’t be shy and book the session with a trusted family photographer

A) Find a photographer that you love

It’s important to select a professional that you love and that you can picture their art on your walls. Follow them on social media and make sure their editing and style are consistent. It’s important to book someone who has experience photographing maternity and family as you might want to carry on with them once your newborn is here and then once your children grow up. Another thing to consider is that if they offer prints and albums. I do take great pride in my albums and invite you to check out some examples on my pricing page here.

B) Speak to them over the phone

Are you after more than pretty pictures? Do you want to feel your images and see the love oozing from your photos? Then it’s best to select a photographer who will make you feel comfortable as I believe being vulnerable and sharing your story with them is key for them to understand you and photograph your family’s story. When I book a new client, I love hearing their voice over the phone, we both share our stories and get to know each other so the connection is already made before the session and it’s less awkward. I also send out a Welcome Guide so you know what to do and how to position yourself so you are ready before the shoot. During my sessions, I also like giving time to my family to get comfortable with the space around them before I get physically close as a big camera can often be intimidating when pointed super close.

I hope this was useful, if you are interested to know more about this location it’s available in my Location Guide which is available once you’re scheduled in my calendar.. If you wish to know more about me, I invite you to read my home page on the link below.


If you’re after a candid, relaxed and intimate photography experience, you’ve come to the right place. 
My work focus on emotions, no stiff poses and forced smile; only gentle love and embraces. I offer a very hands-on experience, connecting over a video consultation with each family beforehand ; we explore their stories of love, loss and wins and turn it into a beautiful, meaningful session. Each family and session are unique and crafted with patience, love and understanding. 

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