What if these images were more than just pretty photos?

What if this was a way to reflect on what you’ve been through, the struggles and the good moments? What if this was a way to contemplate and feel grateful for the beautiful family you’ve created?

During my session, I will guide you into being present, we will take deep breaths and truly connect with how you feel and how much you love your family. It’s a time of connection and celebration.

Surrey Family Photographer & Maternity Photographer

“I couldn't have hoped for a better photographer and human than Alba. She is so warm and welcoming and her positive energy allowed us to really feel comfortable and break the ice with her magical camera almost immediately.”
– Sofia

If the thought of awkwardly posing with a forced smile for the camera makes you cringe, then you've come to the right place.

How does it work?

01 Book your Session
Kindly submit a booking request on the pricing page. Once received, we will schedule a Zoom video consultation where we will get to know eachother. We will explore your story and vision for your session. I offer a hands-on service, with a Welcome Guide detailing how to get ready, styling assistance with the option to borrow from my client’s closet, and the opportunity to choose a unique spot from my Location guide covering London, Kent and Essex. I can also travel beyond if my travel is covered.

02 Enjoy the experience beyond your standard Family Session
During the session, I like to slow down time. Immerse yourself in the present moment, take deep breaths and snuggle your little ones. This is a time to celebrate this beautiful family you’ve created. You will have space to engage with each other naturally so I can capture authentic moments that naturally unfold like at home, only chiming in to give you gentle directions if required.

03 Received your beautiful Photographs
Within 2 to 3 weeks of the session, you’ll receive your photographs in a private online gallery. You can view your images in the comfort of your home, surrounded by your children, cosy on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate. To live the full experience, I encourage you to print your images and treat yourself to my Signature Album, available in the gallery.

"Alba is the most amazing photographer- she makes you feel so comfortable and she is easy to work with. She is fantastic at capturing special moments and interactions. I also adore her as a person. She has great artistic talents and skills and would highly recommend her to anyone!"
– Colette

Family Photographer, young child sitting with mother and playing with her necklace
Family Photographer, young girl playing with a handful of wildflowers

Photographs remind you of where you come from, what you've been through and that you'll always have a home within your Family.

old image of photographer Alba as a child

What’s my Story?

When I was little my parents always used to take pictures of me but never of us together. They divorced when I was 5 and we never got this opportunity, which left a hole in my story. I don’t remember much of my first years and how my parents loved each other, so I wanted to be the person to capture that. Togetherness. Joy. Love.

I grew up wild and free, in a small village in France, running in the fields and playing with my big sister’s dog. I spent my childhood in nature and loved spending time by the seaside. My sessions are almost always outdoors, no matter the season. I find inspiration and creativity in reconnecting these two worlds, as just like your family, nature is constantly flourishing and expanding. 

Family Photographer Alba, headshot of her looking at the camera wearing a brown hat

You will never regret investing in your Family.

Family Photography, family looking at images in an album
Family Photography, woman looking through a photo album
Family Photography, little girl flipping through a photo album


Are you after an experience that will make you feel seen, heard and captured as your most beautiful self? Are you after a relaxed, intimate experience where you get to pose time and be greateful for your beautiful Family? Then my sessions are made for you. Pop me a message on the box below or send me a booking request on my pricing page.

Family Photography & Maternity Photography in and around Surrey

“…As well as helping capture so many beautiful memories, she also was just a great person to spend a morning with, putting everybody at ease in front of the camera and keeping my 4yo and 2yo engaged and entertained. My son still asks when he's going to see "our friend Alba" to take more pictures- we'll be sure to make that happen again soon.”
– Amanda

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