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2024 Pricing

Once your booking secure, expect a comprehensive Welcome Guide featuring a Location Guide filled with epic spots in London, Kent and Essex, along with a Styling Guide to help you look your best for your session. Enjoy for a heartwarming family activity where we get to pause time. I will be the witness and messenger of your love, creating timeless art that will be love and cherished not only by you, but your children, and all generations to follow.


  • Weekday Session   £400
  • Weekend and Bank Holiday Session   £450

Add a collection to your session

  • Collection 1: 20 digitals + £70 Print Credit   £250 
  • Collection 2: All digitals + The Small Album + £150 Print Credit  £600 
  • Collection 3: All digitals + The Large Album + £250 Print Credit + Free travel*   £800 
  • Collection 4: All digitals + The Large Album + A Photo Box + £350 Print Credit + Free travel*  £1000

or select digitals only

  • 20 Digitals Images   £200
  • Upgrade to the Whole Gallery (60+ images)   £300


  • Flexible payments over 3 months
  • 1 sneak peek the next working day after the session
  • A phone or video consultation to get to know each other 
  • 60+ minutes spent having fun, exploring, playing games, cuddling and snuggling your babies 
  • 60+ beautifully hand-edited photographs to choose from in a private gallery
  • Custom Styling Experience
  • Complimentary Client Closet 
  • Client education on what to do during your session 
  • Choose from unique and pre-tested locations in London, Kent and Essex 
  • Repeat customers and referrals enjoys a £40 credit into their next session


  • Option to purchase album duplicates for a 10% discount on the total cost. For 3 or more copies there is a 20% discount on the total cost.
  • A 50% retainer is to be paid to block the date; the remaining session fee is to be paid on the session day.
  • If you need to reschedule due to illness, your retainer will be transferred to your new date.
  • Gallery delivered within 2-3 weeks from the session date.
  • Albums are delivered to your door within 3-6 weeks from the order date.
  • Free shipping
  • *Free travel within 15 miles from N22, then 50p per mile. Free travel for Collections 3 & 4 in Kent, Essex and Surrey.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are honoured once your session is booked and the retainer is paid. Sales on downloadable products are considered final. No refunds, exchanges or re-shoots will be granted after the exchanged product. 


Please use the form below to book your session so it’s easy for me to have all your information at hand. Once I receive the form I will contact you to talk about what you envision for your session. If this form doesn’t work, you can reach me on the contact page, Instagram or Facebook or simply give me a call at +447572 874787



Most Frequently Asked Questions

What types of photography do you do?
I do any type of Family Photography: couples, maternity, newborn, family and extended family photography. I am LGBTQ+ and polyamorous friendly: I welcome all kinds of love!

Do you travel further than London, Kent or Essex?
Are you an adventurous soul eager to explore? Me too! I will just ask you to cover my travel fees and accomodation in addition of the usual session cost. Keep in mind that certain locations may require a photo permit, which is not included in the session fee. To secure the date, a 50% retainer is necessary + travel fees paid in advance; note it’s non-refundable in case of a change of plans. However, it is transferable if you decide to reschedule within 2 weeks of the session (more travel fees may apply).

What to do if it rains during my family session?
If it rains during the day, another date will be proposed within two weeks after the scheduled session. We could also work under the rain and get some fun photos with the kids jumping in the puddles. If this is not your thing and you aren’t available later, the third option will be to change for an indoor session in your home.

What to wear for my photography session?
Once your session is booked, we will speak over the phone to get to know each other, I like to learn about your family’s style and if you have any tattoos or jewellery that means something to you. Enjoy free styling advice and access to a client closet so you don’t have to purchase a new dress for the session. Some styling advice is also included in my Welcome Guide and I have a few blog posts available if you want to know more. How to Dress for Amazing Family Photos  Alternatively, you can click on this link to see this Pinterest board I have made to inspire you. I have also made a board on what to avoid wearing at your session.

Where should we do our family photo session?
I’ve scouted and tested one-of-a-kind locations in London, Essex, and Kent. Upon booking, I’ll provide you with an exclusive guide, allowing you to choose the perfect location that resonates with you. This guide is packed with useful information to assist you in making the right choice.

Do you deliver RAW images?
Sorry but RAW images are not included in my service as they form an essential part of my brand. Yet, if there’s a specific concern like background elements or wardrobe details, please let me know and I’ll assess whether edits are possible. Be aware that an extra editing fee may apply.

Should I bring props during my photoshoot?
I prefer to concentrate on capturing your beautiful faces and the unique connection within your family. However, I am open to including your child’s favourite teddy bear if they have one.

Should I bring my dog during my family photoshoot?
Please do! I am a family photographer and I love working with dogs so I am the happiest when they are both together. Your dog IS a member of your family, they deserve to be in your family photos. Please make me aware of the breed and age and bring a keeper to hold the dog when we are done with them, along with treats or toys for the session. We will have to choose a location that is safe and suitable for your dog’s energy. We might require a slightly longer session, so please allow enough time.

Do you photograph in colour or black & white?
I mostly deliver the photos in colour but will edit some images in BW.

How quickly do we have to order?
The gallery will be open for two weeks, after that, if you haven’t ordered, a £50 fee will be applied to unarchive the gallery. If you need more time, please email me before expiration and we can discuss an extension. 

When will my images be delivered?
You will receive your gallery approximately 2-3 weeks after the session. The images will be edited so you will be able to directly download at checkout. For prints and albums, please allow 2 to 3 weeks from the order date.

Are deposits refundable?

The upfront money you will pay, which equals 50% of your session fee, is considered a retainer. Which means it’s non-refundable. However, we can reschedule within 2 weeks of the original session date if someone is unwell or we are unlucky with the weather.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I do have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Do you photograph newborns? When is the best time to photograph newborns?
I do photograph newborns. Newborns are best photographed in the first 1 to 6 weeks after the birth date. The more you wait, the more likely your baby will be awake during the photos, so this will depend on what you are after. If it’s sleeping baby photos, then book your session when your baby is between 1 to 3 weeks, otherwise, aim for 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you pose newborn babies?
My work focuses on the intimacy and connection between family members so I believe babies belong in their parent’s arms, not wrapped up awkwardly in a blanket with lots of props. My goal is to capture the essence of the person in front of my lens, whether they are seven days or 70 years old! I want you to see your baby’s photos and recognise those unique movements you saw the first time you laid eyes on them—the things that make your baby special. During the session, I’ll photograph your baby dressed and naked where possible, showing as much bare skin as possible to create images full of emotions.

Do you shoot at the weekends?
I offer week and weekend photoshoots, check my pricing page as weekend sessions differ in price and are in limited availability.

What if I look terrible in the photos?
You don’t have to worry! As a professional photographer, I’m accustomed to working with individuals who have no modelling experience. I won’t ask you to pose, but instead, I’ll provide gentle direction for you to be yourself and engage with your children, ensuring the images feel candid and natural. I aim to capture your beautiful personality and the bond you share with your babies. Don’t wait to look your best or lose baby weight before booking a family photoshoot. The best time is now. Your children won’t mind how you look; they’ll simply cherish having beautiful family photographs with their loving mum as they grow older.

Do I need to know in advance what I wish to order?
No, you don’t have to. You can make your decisions after viewing your photos in the online gallery. While there’s no obligation to purchase prints, I highly recommend considering it, as digital images may be easily lost and forgotten on a hard drive. Displaying prints and albums around your home enhances a sense of pride and creates a more personal and welcoming environment for the entire family.

Do you do at-home Family Sessions?
While it’s not my speciality, I’m open to photographing your family in your home, provided it’s a suitable environment. You can read more on this blog post: Expert Advice: What Makes a Good Home for Family Photos?

How long is the session?
Your sessions usually last 60-90 minutes, but I don’t have a limit of time if your child throws a tantrum during the session, only the amount of light will stop us. We will wait, give them some water, food and a cuddle and get back to the shoot when they are ready.

What if my child is ill on the day of the session? Can we reschedule?
An alternative date within two weeks of the original will be discussed, and your retainer will be moved accordingly. Kindly note that rescheduling is limited to a single occurrence.

How much should I expect to spend in total for a Family Session?
My session starts at £650 for weekdays and that would include 20 digital photographs and a £70 print credit. On average, my clients invest around £900, opting for prints, an album, and the entire photo gallery. Feel free to check my pricing page for more information. Please note that the price list is subject to change but will be honoured once your session is booked.

Are you LGBT+ Friendly?
Yes, I welcome all the colours of the rainbow! Click here to read this blog post I wrote about this LGBT Family shoot I did.  

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